Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas Kitties!

Left, old tree  Right, new tree

My fur kids have their Christmas present already.  Actually, they've had it since I bought it on Black Friday.  I'm not a big shopper and certainly not a Black Friday shopper but this year, for them, I was.  I had had my eye on this colossal kitty tree for awhile.  The one they had (on the left) was woefully inadequate since the second, lower bunk isn't even at window-gazing height.  This left poor Buster to sit with his front paws folded on the window sill like Oliver Twist begging for seconds.

Gracie "Hurry, take the picture, I can't keep my gut sucked in much longer!"

There was a little problem though.  No, getting it in the car and in the house was a struggle but I managed.  The problem was the top bunk was a little too high.  Gracie is, well, a tubby tabby, a portly puddy tat.  She manages the lower bunk of the new tree but that is probably the extent of her abilities.  So it was up to Buster to claim the top bunk but he just hadn't been up to it, yet.  A couple of nights ago, he finally, and with less grace than normal, clawed his way to the top.  He's been insufferably smug every since.  He now sits proud and high, flinging stuffed mice and toys off to their plummeting doom and gloats over Gracie and me equally.
Buster "That meecie wasn't pushed, he jumped"

I like it too.  Positioned in the front window, in clear view of the street and all who pass by, it clearly states that the neighborhood crazy cat lady lives here.

Buster, Gracie and I wish you as much joy and contentment this holiday season and in the year to come!

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